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How do I filter and view artist profiles?

Once you have your search results you can further refine them with the search filter. This allows your to trim the selection by date and time of availability, the hourly rate, the artist rating, and the genre:

The artist cards give you a first impression of the artist. At the bottom of the card are their costs. First the hourly rate to perform, and the then the travel cost associated with travelling to the location entered into the search. 

Their rating is given out of six notes. These are like star ratings, so yellow mean good! In this example, INTERIM has 6 out of 6. The top three genres selected by the artist are also given. 

Previous reliability is the percentage of times the band has turned up to a gig they were booked for, and the ‘Featured’ ribbon is for artists we here at Six8 are featuring at the moment. 

To view the full artist profile, simply click on the artist’s name on the artist card.

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