Restrictions are relaxing so time to get the party started right? Set the tune for your apartment block and be the first balcony to bring some musical magic. 

This does not mean piling everyone onto one balcony (hopefully that’s not too far away). But you could take a leaf out of Italy’s response to COVID and arrange for an artist to spread some musical tunes.

Or does your apartment block have a common space? If so, be amazed as balconies turn into individual dance floors and pop up bars. We know just how much fun this can be as we organised one recently for Good Friday. Talk about a memory that will be with us forever! Check out the below video of what happened? We are excited to hear that it became famous in the area as it helped cheer up so many in the neighbourhood.

Get your balconies popping and rocking with these tips:

  • Book an awesome artist in your area through Six8
  • Artists will have no physical contact with you 
  • Artists need only one power outlet 
  • Need a flyer to let your neighbourhood know details – We’ve got you covered see below attachment for you to use. (WhatsApp groups work as well). 
  • Do not be idiots and stand close together – Social distancing still applies.
  • Some artist can live stream as well, this is great for large neighbourhood’s where people can tune in from a distance. 

You can always get your neighbourhood to pitch in as well. It is amazing what a small amount across a few households can amount to. It is a crazy world when you can have a ridiculously talented artist performing from your balcony. 

Residents in West End, Brisbane organised Six8 artist Darryl James to perform on Good Friday to help break up COVID-19 restrictions. They called it their Socially Distant, Socially Connected mini concert.