Six8: Inspiration for your next live music experience

There have now been hundreds of hours of amazing, local live music booked through Six8. Where better to seek inspiration for your next live music experience than the amazing events that have taken place to date!

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about…Six8 is the extraordinary new platform (iOS app and website) that people across Australia are using to create live music experiences. With the touch of a few buttons, hosts have been inviting artists to perform live at their special occasions.

Since inception Six8 has been facilitating the creation of unique and exciting live music experiences. This is a small selection of our favourite stories and connections that have been made through Six8.

Create Live Music Experiences.

Backyard Birthday Party

Three generations of friends and family brought together to celebrate the life of a loved one and be entertained by the acoustic shenanigans of Gillam and Garde.

“G&G delivered renditions & covers true to their sound and quality from the 70s 80s from luminaries such as BeeGees and the Eagles to LRB. Terrific for partying and youthful reminiscing amongst friends and family.” – R.Dryden, Six8 Birthday Party. 

Backyard BBQ

The hauntingly beautiful voice of ANCA drifting through the courtyard and to the eager ears of our friends and neighbours. A small child writes a note to our amazing singer-songwriter and throws it out the window, “You’re voice is beautiful”.

Family Gathering on the Pool Deck

The kids playing in the pool whilst the rest of the family listen to the magical tunes of troubadour Tyler Vivian.

Cocktail Party with a Harpist

The soulful ELSKA baring her heart whilst masterfully strumming her harp and creating layers of music with her loop pedal.

“I loved having a musician play at my party…but I also loved that they joined us for a drink and talked to us about what inspired them and their music.” – Ashley, Six8 Host

Picnic at the Park

A group of friends down at the park, with a couple of bottles of wine being serenaded by the supremely talented Murry James.


With all that inspiration, what are you waiting for? Book Live Music today with Six8


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