Six8 has got you COVID for LIVE MUSIC

FIVE ways to get your live music hit now 

Do not write off your 2020 live music experiences yet. Many folks (us included) have been tempted to do just that, but there is plenty going on to get excited about. 

It is a shitty feeling knowing that festivals, concerts and even the live music at the pub around the corner are all cancelled. Even worse is that while restrictions are easing, it’s still going to be quite a while before we see large gatherings again. So, it just meant that we needed to come up with some ideas about how we can:            

  1. Bring people together whilst respecting a bunch of evolving restrictions,
  2. Keep live music artists performing and earning much needed $’s
  3. Find ways to add some extra magical zing into……, well pretty much everyone’s lives.

What we came up with was five cool ways to do all that:

Host a Driveway Jam

We all have great childhood memories of our driveways, right? Basketball, slip and slide, Christmas street drinks and so much more. So how about creating another driveway memory for you and the neighbourhood by hosting your own Driveway Jam

(Just make sure people are not idiots and stand too close together – Social distancing still applies).

Social Balconies

This does not mean piling everyone onto one balcony (hopefully that’s not too far away). But you could take a leaf out of Italy’s response to COVID and arrange for an artist to spread some musical tunes. Choose a common space and be amazed as balconies turn into individual dance floors and pop up bars. We know just how much fun this can be as we organised one recently for Good Friday.  Talk about a memory that will be with us forever! (Check it out out for yourselves)

Learn to Play

Have you always dreamed of being ‘that person’ at a party. You know the one who pulls out a guitar or sits at a piano and next thing everyone is gathered around, joined in song? Or perhaps you know how to play but want to take it to the next level? Either way, how cool would it be to have your choice of talented musician as your instructor? Imagine a catalogue of incredible artists, all just a click away from providing you with a live personalised class online; or even in person if the artist lives near you.

Keep an eye out or register your interest as we will be launching very soon. 


Who is your favourite local musician? Is there someone you heard at a local bar once and thought was awesome? Well whichever artist it is, they need your support. Musicians earn very little through releasing music and being streamed (i.e. their songs have to stream over 1 million times in a month to just make $2200). So live gigs is where they earn their keep. 

Jump online (Facebook is a great start) and see if your favourite local musicians are streaming live. If so, tune in and make sure you ask how you can support them with a donation (think of it as your ticket cost, or buying them a drink as drinks at home are a lot cheaper!). 

Backyard Gigs, Veranda Jigs & Serenaded Dinner Parties

As COVID regulations start to ease we know that you are all going to be craving ways to let loose or catch up with friends. Building your own unique event with your close friends can be as adventurous and flamboyant as your imagination can be.

Find an artist that can help you create the escape you want at your place. What will it be? Backyard dance parties, or maybe a whole mini festival with a line up of a few different artists during the day?! What about chilling with friends at a park together with some ambient tunes being strummed on a blanket beside you. Whatever you fancy we know that there is a Six8 artist ready to bring the vibes you want.

COVID has provided us all some challenges, however 2020 is not over yet. There are still many months to go and there is a lot of opportunity to still have some fun whilst some restrictions last. 

Be imaginative, be daring and see what fun you can still share.