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SBS Small Business Secrets: Six8

SBS | Broadcast  17 May 2018

“Six8 is the latest player in the sharing economy, allowing people to create their own live music experiences by allowing them to easily book musicians.

Founders Saurabh Das and Keith Sue hope Six8 will remove barriers stifling the live music scene, and make it more accessible for everyone.”

"6 apps every gig-lover needs going into this summer"

HAPPY MAG  |  20 SEP 2018

Hey, guess what? Spring has sprung. You know it, we know it, the world is a better place for it. That means that it’s time to ready yourself for action. No more wallowing at home complaining about the cold, it’s time to get out there and do…

"An interview with Keith Sue from the team at Six8"

FBI RADIO  |  6 JUN 2017

Six8 – A live music community. Uber for live entertainment, Airtasker for artists, AirBNB for venues: Six8 is live music entering the sharing economy. Users can sign up as an artist or a host. Artists will be able to create a profile, fit with socials media links, music assets…

"Meet the Aussies making it easier to book live bands"

TONE DEAF |  22 MAY 2017

Depending on who you are and who you know, booking a band to play your gig can be an intimidating thing. While some of us might have a bunch of mates in bands, for a lot of people it becomes a little bit more intimidating to book live music, as they’re left…

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Founder’s Quotes

“I desperately want the live music scene to grow, and lift… Six8 is our way of trying to do that. Venues and bookers are always going to be important – I spend most of my evenings seeing gigs. If we’re going to keep this industry alive we need to making live music more accessible and important to everyone. People love live music, they just need to be able to access the talent that’s out there. They need to understand who these artists are, their stories, their music, their worth. ”     

– Keith Sue, MD Six8

“Australian’s love live music, imagine if we can completely open things up so everyone can access artists; for afternoons at the beach, evenings on the back deck, a personal festival, or just making it easier for venues to find emerging musicians. I found it stupid that I could book a house in Amsterdam to live in by clicking some buttons, but had no idea how to hire a musician who lives a block away from me.”

– Keith Sue, MD Six8

Latest Press Releases

Six8 launch new Gig Finder making it simple to find gigs in Sydney

SIX8 | 3 JUN 2019

To coincide with the Sydney Vivid festival, live music platform Six8 is launching a brand new ‘Gig Finder’ in an effort to make live music events easier to find. The site will feature a free map-based system on which venues and artists can list their gigs…

Six8: Inspiration for your next live music experience

SIX8 | 15 DEC 2018

There have now been hundreds of hours of amazing, local live music booked through Six8. Six8 is the extraordinary new platform (iOS app and website) that people across Australia are using to create live music experiences. With the touch of a few buttons, hosts have been inviting…

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