Performing Muso’s! This is for you guys!

Murray James and Andrew Grant candidly share their steps, insights and tips to help you expand your skills. We know being a performing musician is hard enough, let alone in the current climate.

The exciting news though is that people are increasingly taking up hobbies. Similarly, people are starting to focus on things that have always been important to them. Learning a musical instrument is one such hobby that we would love to be able to make easy for people to do.

This course has been designed to help more musicians become instructors and help people fulfill their dreams. We want to ensure you get practical guidance and understand how little you need to get started . This content focuses on teaching online, but still provides everything you need to know to teach in person too.

Keen to get started? Jump in now and start expanding your skills to become an awesome Music Instructor. Murray and Andrew will take you through the basics needed to get you setup!

Murray James and Andrew Grant candidly show artists what sort of setup is needed to instruct in music.