If you love music, then you need to read this. 

Who is your favourite local musician? Is there someone you heard at a local bar once and thought was awesome? 

Well whichever artist it is, they need your support. Musicians earn very little through releasing music and being streamed. CD’s are becoming a rarity now and it’s easy to understand why who even has a CD player still. The world of music has changed, with most music being streamed or purchased online.  However at what cost to the artists pocket?

Here is some interesting data based on an update from Information Is Beautiful from 3 March 2018. For artists to earn approximately $2280/month their songs would have to stream either:

  • 240,000 times with Apple Music, or
  • 366,000 times with Sportify, or
  • 1 ,100,000 times with Pandora, or
  • 2 ,100,000 times with YouTube.

Are you asking yet what this all means? 

If so, the answer is that musicians earn most of their income through live gigs. For a COVID world, that means many artists do not have opportunities to earn at present.

It is up people like you and me, who value and appreciate music, to lead the charge and be creative in looking for how we can support musicians and the music we love. 

If you check out our website there are a bunch of different ways that you can support live music. Or you can jump online (Facebook is a great start) and see if your favourite local musicians are streaming live. If so, tune in and make sure you ask how you can support them with a donation (think of it as your ticket cost, or buying them a drink as drinks at home are a lot cheaper!). 

Be imaginative and put a little of your energy and pocket towards showing musicians how much you value their musical contributions in our society.