Live music, your way!

Backyard Gigs, Veranda Jigs & Serenaded Dinner Parties

COVID regulations are easing and that means it is nearly time to let loose right? Everyone is ready to fling their cabin fever aside and reconnect with the larger population… or at least another few people, right? 

Festivals and live music gatherings are still not likely to take place for many months. However, that does not mean you cannot create your own right at home.

Just think that there are a bunch of amazing and extraordinarily talented musicians probably living in your suburb. These artists are ready to help you create unforgettable reunions and get the party started. Find an artist that can help you create the escape you want at your place. 

What sort of event do you want? 

We have a bunch of ideas for you to be the host with the most. Therefore, it’s time to get your party started. What will it be? a:

  • Backyard BBQ with a band or a duo.
  • Pool dance parties.
  • Mini festival at yours – line-up of a few different artists to jam it out over a day.
  • Picnic in the park, with a musician sitting strumming some ambient tunes near you.
  • Dinner parties with a musician serenading you through pre drinks.

Do any of your friends have an approaching birthday? You could help them feel special. It’s as easy as pooling funds with other friends and finding and artist to bring the celebration to them.

Whatever you fancy we know that there is a Six8 artist ready to bring the vibes you want.