Not a Lemur are live music lovers and lovers in life. They are also this week’s Featured Artist. Rubi Matthews and Dominic Smith are the impressive couple behind this musical ensemble. We are not sure what came first to bring this duo together the music or the love. Either way it is obvious the chemistry between these two radiates from each other, into their music and to everyone who hears them.

Rubi and Dom studied popular music and performance at JMC Academy in 2010. Teaming up they started song writing and performing . Continuing  into 2011 where they explored performing with various other bands. 2013 was that brought a change and a truly welcomed one it seems. The couple refer to it as “The beginnings of it all”. The beginning of their relationship as a couple and the creation of, Not a Lemur.

Rubi with her ukulele and airy melodic voice that skips and meanders around Dominic’s grounded guitar and harmonious vocals. Their combined sound beckons any listener into their world. A world where fun, freedom and sweet tunes lap at your ankles. Tugging at you to embrace all the amazement around you.

One of their audience members said it best:

“Not A Lemur are just lovely and I realise how lucky I’ve been to discover this hidden little gemstone They’re a darling talent and full of sweet melodies…”

From busking, to basements and many bars, add your back yard to Rubi and Dom’s musical rounds. We know everyone young or old will love it. After all with a group name like Not a Lemur, we are sure you want to know a little more about them too.

I know if Rubi and Dom, were playing at our place I’d be requesting one of my favs – Monsters. It is a oldie but a great tune, so have a squiz and check out their Six8 profile page for some of their other incredible tunes.