More than a singer songwriter, this week’s Featured Artist Mel Kay is an inspiration.

Mel Kay graduated with honors from Western Australian Academy Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 2015 only to be diagnosed with Lyme disease . Living through the nightmare of uncertainty around this illness, Mel focused on her healing. Turning to writing as her source of sanity, hope and distraction. The raw emotion oozing lyrically and so vividly.

“I wrote music. So much music. I decided that pain needed a voice and continued to perform throughout the course of my treatment. Keeping on singing gave me some form of hope and directions and at the very least a distraction.” Mel Kay

Courage comes in many forms and bravery is in Mel Kay’s music. Founding her band Liberte, Mel and the band attribute their sound to Lorde, The Browhorn Orchestra, Regina Specktor, and Kate Mille-Heidke. The band’s own sound a mix of funk, pop, and indie which continues to evolve but always provides inspiration. As Mel’s own words continue to show:

 “I wrote these songs with the intention to empower young women to know their worth”

With such powerful messages it is no surprise that Mel Kay & Liberte have been making their way across the globe, with Mel Kay performing for: Channel 7, Foxtel and the heads of Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Mel Kay and her band are based in Perth however we have heard murmurs that they may be on the Australian East Coast some stage soon. We encourage hosts to keep an eye on Mel Kay’s Six8 profile page for further details. You too could have this inspirational lady and maybe her band singing at your next dinner party or event.