Time to get your groove on folks with this week’s Featured Artist: Emily Hanks. She is a lady who knows how to serve up that ambient sultry stylin’, along with a large dose of quick wit. You’ll easily get lost in the whimsy of Emily’s musical universe. Her voice and passion will lead you on, beckoning till you are grooving to her soul. Add to that, Emily’s fun personality that ensures you’ll leave with a smile on your dial.

Firstly, there is one thing we must get out of the way. For those of you wondering. No, Emily is not related to Tom Hanks. Apparently everyone asks so now you all know.

Emily Hanks’, love for music started in the form of little seven-year-old girl sitting in the back seat of the family car. Her mum was never a singer, she just used to sing when driving. With an ear already attuned, Emily remembers asking her mum, “What is that mum?”. The answer was not the name of a specific tune, no, the answer was ‘harmonies’. Emily, taken with her mother’s unique singing ability, decided she too wanted to be able to do that and there born was her mum’s mimic and the creative spirit of Emily Hanks.

I annoyed my family a lot. My brother used to tell me to shut up all the time. Apparently, I was interrupting his concentration to play his video games.

Fast forward a number of years to the Rugby World Cup. Emily is back stage with the most intense bout of stage fright . She was chosen to sing the English and Australian anthems, which at any stage of a career is exhilarating, and a milestone worthy of celebrating.  The following story told by Emily, has me further convinced as to how serious she is about her art.

I remember being in the waiting room and wanting to vomit due to the nerves. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. Then in the click of a moment I said to myself ‘I’m going to enjoy this’ and made an instant decision to do it. I walked out and absolutely smashed. It was a huge, huge deal. There were fireworks and loud cheering and music. It was truly epic. Since then I have had nerves, but I knew that I never have an excuse not to cave to it.

Everything about Emily is music. She is an artist that lives and breathes art and all that it encompasses. All you need to do is check out her video clips or better yet see her perform live and you will witness the process of a masterpiece in creation. Maybe it has something to do with her music being more than her voice. It feels like her whole being understands the song and wants to help portray the nuance of feelings to the audience as well. What we are excited about is Emily has promised this is her year to writing originals again. She had an original band that played for ten years. However, more recently Emily has been jamming with several other artists around Sydney. Moving into her own world of tumultuous creative writing keeps us all awaiting eagerly to see and hear the results.

Emily has a trip planned to the UK mid this year for some well-deserved rest. It seems that whilst she is not planning to be gigging herself she will be hanging out at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club watching lots of jams or a playing at the Globe Theater. We wish Emily the very best for her upcoming trip. We are sure she’ll be coming back with more inspiration for those originals we are waiting to hear.

If you are inquisitive about this creative artist Emily Hanks, then book her for one of your own events. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to experience a new original first.