Chris Neto is this week’s featured artists and I for one, am so glad. We all know that music has the power to evoke, transport and compel us. Therefore, Chris with his guitar, beautiful instrumental compositions and deep poignant lyrics is exactly what I’d suggest we should all be listening to.

I’m anticipating that most of you reading this are members in our growing live music community?! I’d further hazard a guess that most of you must have been experiencing bounds of frustration, anger and incredulity towards the NSW government of late (see last weeks blog) . Therefore, I believe it is time that we all take a breath and listen to Chris’s music. Especially, as it invites us into a conversation that is softly spoken between the lyrics Chris offers up and how our minds interpret them. Think of it as a moment of reprieve. Where we can converse, connect and rally our thoughts and minds for the days ahead.

Chris mentioned a number of times that he is not good at communicating but became a musician because he still had something to say. At 18 a friend lent him a guitar and since then Chris has taught himself to play. Over time Chris’s confidence grew in his new found musical language. Branching out to write his own songs provided Chris the ongoing ability to communicate with those around him.

 I’m not good at communicating but I am good at expressing myself through music. Music and song writing is a great way for me to communicate my ideas and feelings to other people. At the same time, it is a stimulating and intellectual process that allows others to engage with me as well.

After you listen to a few of Chris’s tunes you can understand why his music is like a cathartic therapy session. It’s a session between songwriter and us, the listener. It’s a session that I have wholeheartedly participated in these last few days. Chris’s tunes have definitely quelled the storms that have been raging in me the last few weeks.

What is interesting about Chris’s music is that it does replicate one of his beliefs. “Life should be fun and not taken too seriously”. Maybe that is what is so beautiful about his music. The lyrics have depth but the chords and instrumental composition is alluring in its simplicity. Either way we thank you Chris for music that reminds us that it is important to unite and fight causes together. Yet, we still must take moments to give our spirits and souls some peace.

For those of you who need to take a break I suggest the following:

  1. Call up your friends and family and invite them over
  2. get Chris Neto around to create that ambient chilled setting, and
  3. connect and have a few laughs together.

If you do get Chris around make sure you ask him about his video games passion. He has a particular fascination for classic RPGs . Apparently there is a wealth of inspiration in the complex storytelling and the music of these games. Whatever it is, I am positive that  you will all have an interesting conversation, accompanied by some chilled out tunes. So who are you going to invite?