Swing into 2019 with these chilled-out tunes and check out this week’s Featured Artist, Black Bird Hum. A band who evidently love playing for live audiences. Especially given the amount of time they spend on the road. Heading  across the Australian East Coast to perform on hundreds of stages.

Black Bird Hum started off as a 3-piece band in 2009. However their band members ranks (and sound) have certainly amplified with the 9 piece band they are today. Well at least we think there are 9 members. Their constant invitation to several other musical ‘conspirators’ keeps all their audiences on their toes. Did we see 15 on stage last year at one time?!

“The last two summers we’ve holed up in a house in the NSW Southern Highlands. We play ping-pong a little, eat and drink a little, lie on the road and stare at the stars, and otherwise play music the whole time we’re there. That’s how writing has evolved for us. Truly collaborative and immersive.”

“Production-wise we just do everything, mostly, ourselves. A friend of ours Pauly B has a great space we track the rhythm section in, but everything else is overdubbed at home. We can’t afford to do things any more fancily than that.” 

Be it the inspiration of stars, ping-pong or jam sessions together, we know audiences are thriving on their evolving but true to origins sound. The gang describes their sound as rhythms grounded in roots reggae, with the drums and bass holding down reggae grooves. Their melodies and harmonies are a little bit folky and sometimes a little bit punk. Whatever the sound, we know audiences are digging it.

So, if you have not already heard these guys or clicked ahead as yet, you must check out their Six8 profile page.

What seems crazy and amazing to me, is that nearly anyone can have a super awesome band like this playing in their own environment.  I’m thinking a significant birthday bash, a pub opening or a local community event. Whatever it is, a band like Black Bird Hum bringing their upbeat, party-leaning reggae sound, would be an incredible way to connect with friends, family or anyone that loves and appreciates music (ahh is there anyone who doesn’t?).