Before you write off 2020 like so many of us have been tempted to do (us included), let us paint for you a story that is about courage, resilience, creativity and still, all about the music!

Six8 was created to support musicians and that means now more than ever we matter. That is why we have gone back to basics and looked at what we are doing as a company to help artists across Australia, adapt and continue to earn an income.

Yeah, we know – festivals, pubs and large gathering places, are most likely going to remain closed for the foreseeable future. However, what we are now seeing is a prime opportunity for artists to expand into new areas. Areas that will support you during COVID, but way past it to.

Our first step in supporting you is the launch of our ‘We have you COVID campaign’.

What this means for you, our artists, is the following:

1. Playing in smaller more intimate settings.

Six8 is driving awareness of the many unique bespoke live music experiences people can still have right now. Some of the campaigns we will be running will include: Picnics in a park with a musician, driveway jams, social balconies and backyard BBQs with a band etc.

You can help promote these too. Jump on to your socials, contact your friends, fans and families and start sharing how people can still get their live music hit and book you on Six8.

2. Becoming Music Instructors.

We have teamed up with another couple of Six8 artists, one who is a school music teacher, to produce an FREE online program providing guides and tools that all artists can use to be able to become music instructors. The Six8 website will be evolving to include this new function, whereby people can book music lessons with any artist – online or in person. This is a very exciting expansion of Six8, so keep an eye out on your emails for more information over the next two weeks.

3. Live Stream & Share More.

Restrictions are relaxing and so are peoples focus. However millions of people are still hesitant to go outside and socialise just yet. We daresay that it will take a while before these behaviours change. Therefore there is a great opportunity to help connect and create new fans online, whilst earning some extra income. Get online (Facebook Live is a great start) and start performing live. We suggest you setup a PayPal account or some other way you can receive donations as you perform. Most importantly tell people how then can donate.

Don’t forget to share your live streams on Six8’s Facebook Page.

4. Share & Collaborate.

Do you know any companies, products, people that may benefit from collaborating with other businesses? If so let us know. To give you an example of what works Six8 is currently hatching an collaborative experience with Down Gin Lane (an Australian gin subscription). Our aim is to create unique packages where people can experience some fantastic Australian gin accompanied by even better live music. Six8 is made up of over 1300 artists and we know that many of you are struggling. Just think, if we unite and work to leverage off each others, strengths, contacts, skills and abilities; we can help forge a new appreciation for live music across Australia.

Don’t give up. Help us help you to find new ways to thrive over the next 8 months and beyond.

Six8 – Greg & Renee