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Want a free place to list your profile and get booked for events? You’ve come to the right place. What makes us different? We actually talk to you…

Live music should be about the artist


People love going to see live music, but it’s tough to get booked you for gigs, and when you do it’s hard to know exactly what the client wants. Six8 offers a free platform to put your profile in front of an engaged audience, and get more people booking you for gigs. We’ll be active in getting to know you and each host to get the match right every time.

Use our service for free

Artists can register, and get booked on our platform for free. There is no expense to you outside of the time it takes to make a profile page – which you can do at any stage.

Promote your upcoming gigs

Create an account and flick us a message. Your gigs can be listed throughout our network and will then be available to  thousands of engaged live music lovers.

Get booked on the platform

Create an artist profile and be booked directly on the platform. There’s no contracts and you get whatever price you ask for when a gig is confirmed.

Questions artists ask

How do I become a Six8 artist?

Click on the registration button at the top of the site to create an account. You can then choose to create an artist profile. The more detail and media embeds you can put in your profile, the higher the chances a host  or venue will reach out to book you for their next event.

If you need help in setting up your profile, use the contact form below – we’ll get in touch ASAP.


What are my costs and obligations?

We have always had the vision that this industry needed to change to be tipped a little more in the artist’s favour. So we don’t charge artists anything to be booked, nor do we lock artists in to contracts (outside of performing at an agreed upon booking, of course). Best of all, you set your own rate – the only time we’ll step in is if you set a rate below the minimum industry wage, because we don’t want to encourage artists being underpaid. Think of us like the AirBnB of live music: list for free at your price, get booked, perform, and get paid what you ask for.

How is Six8 different from other platforms?

Other platforms can be really ‘hands-off’ we continually talk to our artists, and hosts. We work with venues to make them realise artists aren’t just a ‘rent-a-crowd’ tool and build sustainable plans. We also go out of our way to connect the right artist with the right event!

I don't get it, what's in it for Six8?

There are two answers to that question. From the business side, we apply a small booking fee paid by the host when they make a booking – again a little like AirBnB – that’s how we keep this community alive. Beyond the business, we just want to make a genuine change in the industry. Live music is deeply important to us and we think it’s time someone gave it directly to the people, where it belongs. If you want to know more about our story, check out the link below.

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“Six8 is the latest player in the sharing economy, allowing people to create their own live music experiences by allowing them to easily book musicians.

Founders Saurabh Das and Keith Sue hope Six8 will remove barriers stifling the live music scene, and make it more accessible for everyone.”

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Six8 is available across all web devices. The Six8 booking platform is available as an iOS app from the Apple App Store