Featured Artist: Rachel Caddy

Switching a science degree for music is a decision that we applaud this week’s Featured Artist Rachel Caddy on. Audiences across Australia are grateful that Rachel followed her talent and gifts and like many others we too have become bewitched with singer, songwriter Rachel Caddy.

Alluring audiences with her melodic charm one can’t help but try to decipher how she enchants us all. After many hours of being captivated by her voice, we are positive that we know her enchantment. It’s her: Intimacy in drawing and retelling of her personal experiences; Poetic fascination with nature; Dynamic raw undiluted emotion, and Rachel’s ability to draw audiences in with a voice that appears intriguingly delicate yet so divinely vivid.

Since mid-2016 Rachel Caddy has been making a name for herself across Victoria as a solo artist, as well as performing with her friend Jason on guitar as an acoustic duo. Add to that her four-piece band and there are plenty of options for audiences to experience the variety of Rachel’s sounds.

Rachel with her self-proclaimed evolving style recently released her debut EP ‘Missing Screws’. For your chance to understand what all the hype is about and take some time out from this busy festive season book Rachel for your next Sunday afternoon BBQ, so you too can relish in her melodic enchantment.