Featured Artist: Theodore Kidd

What happens when you strip back music… I mean really strip it back. And then you playfully fold lyrics, with the velocity and punctuation of a machine gun, over a mellow acoustic guitar. The answer is, you make some magic. How do I know this?? Well I’ve listened to this week’s featured artist Theodore Kidd.

Here we have an artist who proves that the blooming of raw talent into a mature and innovative sound can happen at an incredibly young age. Indeed, at the tender age of 19, this singer-songwriter has already polished off his debut EP Sex for Sound, released a long string of successful originals over his social platforms, and is currently touring the country spreading the fruits of his labour.

When you learn that his musical influences include The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Tupac, and R Kelly the roots of his unique style become more understandable. The cool thing is, it works so damn well! Throw in the depth of lyric which is astoundingly rich, and you have an artist who clearly has a massive future.

We are super-proud to have Theodore on our platform. This star is on the rise, so: download that EP, check out one of his local gigs, and book him for your very own event through Six8.