Weekly Featured Artist: ESTAMPA

Ever wanted to be transported to a Parisian Laneway with a click of the fingers…?!? Do we have a treat for you with our Six8 Featured Artist this week…ESTAMPA

ESTAMPA is a world folk jazz band based in Brisbane. Featuring the supremely talented Rebecca Karlen on voice and violin, Paul Henderson on guitar John Reeves on accordion and Helen Svoboda on double bass and voice.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the high-energy, fun folk tunes of ESTAMPA    at the Brisbane Jazz Club. It wasn’t long before the music forced us to carve a corner of the floor, grab a partner and start moving.

“Evoking visions of Parisian laneways, South American sensuality and the unbridled joy of jazz, Estampa is a group of diverse musicians delivering energetic, internationally-inspired performances. Rooted in the traditions of French jazz and Brazilian Bossa Novas, Estampa provides a unique musical experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a 1930’s Parisian jazz club or the streets of São Paulo.”

ESTAMPA have just released their self titled digital album which you can download on their website, here.

Better still, invite ESTAMPA to play at your next event with Six8 and transport your friends and family to your own little piece of Paris.