Weekly Featured Artist: Oscar Joe

OK. This week is special. There’s a lot I can say about the sublimely talented Oscar Joe…but the one thought that is going through my head over and over is that…”This music makes me happy”

Oscar is a singer-songwriter, composer, teacher with multi-instrumental prowess that sees him effortlessly jump between guitar, piano, bass, double bass, ukulele and other cool bits and pieces (think kazoo or accordion).  He seems comfortable playing a hugely diverse range of musical styles suited to almost any environment (with a self professed “love for solo acoustic stuff”). I strongly recommend listening through his YouTube Clips and imagining him playing at your next event!

The Six8 team hasn’t thrown a backyard party for our mates in Sydney for a while and we can’t wait to invite Oscar around to play some tunes and potentially hang out for a couple of drinks.

Just because we’re excited, Six8 is going to throw a $50 voucher at the first 5 people that book Oscar in August! (Actually we’ll probably send a voucher by email…)