Featured Artist: Gillam & Garde

Dave Gilliam and Steve Garde can entertain any audience with their acoustic shenanigans. Their honest style and raw energy on stage make them an obvious choice to be our Six8 Featured Artist for the week.

With a repertoire that spans across generations the duo would feel at home in any environment; from laid back cafe or backyard party with mates, to a pumping, rowdy pub night. The guys create a fantastically friendly atmosphere that’ll get any party dancing and laughing along with the tunes.

The two gents have accomplished what most musicians dream of, having played with hundreds of artists over their illustrious careers; The legendary “Jets”, Matt Taylor’s “Chain” and “The Riddum Shakers” to name just a few.

Dave’s versatility is on showcase on Six8 with his popular Boogie Band, “On The Level” available for booking!

Make sure you check G&G out at their next gig as they continue to paint the town…and if you can’t make it to see them on the circuit, Book them for your own event through Six8!

“G&G delivered renditions & covers true to their sound and quality from the 70s 80s from luminaries such as BeeGees and the Eagles to LRB. Terrific for partying and youthful reminiscing amongst friends and family.” – R.Dryden, Six8 Birthday Party.