Weekly Featured Artist: Anca

Every now and then you hear something that just grabs you. An uncomplicated sound – pure – but backed by a depth of emotion that turns you around and takes you back to distant memories, like the scent of something from your childhood. The first time I listened to Anca I had this experience, and every time I’m graced with one of her songs I feel like my story is coming out through her voice. It’s for this reason, along with her ability to sing with pure emotion, that Anca is this week’s Six8 featured artist.

It has been a massive twelve months for this Sydney songstress, performing at both the UBERfest Winter Tour, and the Northern Beaches Music Festival. Anca ended the year with the release of her debut EP Tomorrow in Sight in November, closely backed up by the Train Wreck feature video in December. If you like your music powerful, evocative, and honest these are the picks for you.

In fact, that’s the best way to describe her music in its entirety. Mix in a strength of tone and the obvious deep love she has for storytelling, and I have no doubt that Anca will become a household name in the not-to-distant future. My advice? Jump on this bandwagon early – trust me you won’t regret it.

Anca is available to book for your next party, gathering, or event on the Six8 platform. Snap her up before she is blinded by the bright lights!