Weekly Featured Artist: ELSKA

Every now and again a musician reaches down your throat, grabs your heart and reminds you about all the reasons that life is worth living. Armed with her harp, loop pedal and powerhouse voice ELSKA whirls into the room and changes lives. We’re privileged to call ELSKA the first Six8 featured artist of 2018.

Looping percussive beats, layering gorgeous melodies on her harp then hitting the audience with soulful lyrics ELSKA has crowds eating out her palm. She is the consummate musical story-teller with passionate, romantic tales.

ELSKA demonstrates her musical versatility and effortlessly changes the mood in the room by swapping between her harp and guitar. She plays the audience as masterfully as she does her harp moving them from their seats to the dancefloor with a brush of her hand.

You’d be crazy not to take the opportunity to see ELSKA live before she explodes across the globe.

We’re eagerly anticipating ELSKA’s newly recorded EP which is set to drop in early 2018. As a taster make sure you check out her clips on YouTube…or better yet invite her to come and play live at your next event!