Weekly Featured Artist: Klara Zubonja

Melbourne artist Klara Zubonja is certainly a shape-shifter. As we can see with her album Stuck Between, Klara never sits still in one place long enough to be labeled, which is no easy feat. Whether it’s a heavily layered chorus, or a stripped back rendition on piano, Klara truly is a wonder, and for that, she’s also this weeks featured artist.

Throughout the debut album, Klara prances effortlessly between clean cut pop, through to the calamity and energy of Gypsy folk. As a result, notes, chords, harmonies, crashes and bangs spring up out of nowhere. Even vocally, Klara’s range goes from soaring sweetness to a plunging sternness with little to no notice.

Klara’s world is not one you simply scroll through. Describing her music as “driven by spontaneous and energetic passion”, Klara extends her world beyond the speakers. Visually, Klara explodes with colour, conceptually theatrical and and thematically provocative.

The act was brought to life at Melbourne’s iconic Evelyn hotel earlier in the year, and again for the official launch party for the album. Judging by photos and videos of the occasions, Klara Zubonja in a live setting is truly a sight to behold.

So fancy that; you can book Klara now for your live event on Six8.

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