Weekly Featured Artist: Alana Patmore

It’s not enough to be just young and talented these days. Hell, anyone can be young and talented. To separate yourself from the pack, you need more; you need to be a hard worker, a devotee to your art and above all else, possess a certain je ne sais quoi that simply can’t be taught. Currently taking her first steps into her career as an Artist, Sydney’s Alana Patmore is showing signs of all the above, and for that she is this week’s Featured Artist.

Cutting her teeth with a Bachelor of Music Studies, focusing on contemporary practice at the Conservatorium of Music, and graduating from the Talent Development Project, it’s clear Alana means business. In a short space of time, Alana managed to prick up the ears of not just fans, but also the industry, finding her way to the Blind Auditions for The Voice in 2015. That same year, Alana was crowned champion of the ACMF 2015 Songwriting Comp, the second time she’s received that accolade.

While Alana can unfurl an impressive collection of covers from Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, through to Regina Speckor and Elvis Presley, the budding songbird has released a plethora of original tracks. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to stumble upon one will be thrilled to know Alana is currently chipping away at a more extensive body of work; her debut EP.

From the halls of The Con, to the stages of national television, to the cafes and bars of Glebe, there’s no place where Alana’s je ne sais quoi can’t shine.


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