Weekly Featured Artist – Cecilia Brandolini

With a soundscape so fragile, so ethereal and ambient, Cecilia Brandolini’s music feels as though it could shatter with just a touch. Weightless, like a snowflake, it lifts and falls at the whim of invisible forces. But unlike a snowflake, Cecilia’s music is warm to the touch, calming on the soul and soothing to the ear. It’s for this reason, and many more, that Cecilia is our weekly featured artist.

It may sound simple, but Cecilia’s creative process is anything but. Throughout her musical sojourn, Cecilia experimented with a variety of sounds in the hunt for her own. In her current capacity, Cecilia makes use of clapping sticks, shakers, a looping machine and a stomp box on the periphery of keys and vocal to create a gripping and epic sonic territory. That said, she has proven her ability to weave sweat music armed with just pure, natural acoustics.

Cecilia’s journey began at a young age, born into a family of fellow musically inclined. Together, with her brother they formed the duo Gabriel & Cecilia who scored national critical acclaim on The Voice, having been tagged by then-judge Will.I.Am. From there, she formed Three Little Sisters with two younger siblings, before taking flight once again with her next project Cecy and Henry.

Now, Cecilia is focusing on her solo material, currently taking the first steps down the road of her solo EP, expected to be released later in the year. In the meantime, Cecilia will be heading down to Melbourne for a series of shows, the perfect opportunity to look on before you book her to perform at your own event.

Wednesday, 9th August
Bar Oussou, Brunswick
Free Entry

Wednesday, 16th August
At Open Studio, Northcote
Alongside Joe Terror and Myki Ray

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