Weekly Featured Artist: Jarne Aktun

Every once in a while, a wunderkind comes along emitting such talent, it makes the rest of us simmer with rage that we spent our youths being awkward and terrible at just about everything. We are now in the midst of said wunderkind, his name is Jarne Aktun and unfortunately for the talent-challenged, he’s only just starting making Jarne our Weekly Featured Artist.

When you trace back the career paths of wunderkinds past, noticeable trends begin to emerge: They cut their teeth busking in the streets for the people, they pour themselves into a DIY debut opus, they inevitably receive some media attention then Bam – they’re selling out stadiums the world over. At this stage, Jarne is rapidly ticking off these boxes.

It wasn’t enough for the troubadour to be naturally gifted at singing and playing guitar, Jarne has spent time honing his craft at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, adding the fundamentals of being a musical artist to his already stunning performances. Something those in attendance at the Precinct 75 July markets experience first hand, with organisers booking Jarne to perform via the Six8 platform.

This week, Jarne announced he would be once again hitting the streets. For the next month, Jarne will be filling Pitt St mall with his sonic offerings, with a brand new DIY opus being sold. This is the perfect opportunity to check out Jarne before you book him from the Six8 platform to perform at your event, but also before he starts selling out stadiums.

Book Jarne to perform at your event via Six8 now!