Weekly Featured Artist: Sarah Frank

With a soaring, impenetrable wall of bass, synth yet a vocal line seemingly so delicate, Brisbane artists neo-soul artist Sarah Frank is quickly and effortlessly separating herself from the pack. It’s for this reason, and much more, that Sarah is our weekly featured artist.

Sarah’s sojourn through soul music began back in 2014, when she heard the unmistakable call of the road. Loading up the tour van, Sarah traversed our great nation, full speed ahead to where ever the next gig may be. As a result, Sarah didn’t just clock up a whole bunch of KMs on the ol’ van, but leagues of followers all over the country, all left in a mild delirium, craving another hefty dose of groove.

Now, Sarah has filled the walls of more than 50 venues with her unique spin on the genre, not to mention performing at several festivals. During her performance, Sarah treats crowds to a selection of jazz, soul and funk covers, as well as her own original material. In 2015, Sarah released her goose-bump instigating single and clip The Walk, and soon after released the ultra-smooth Valley of High’s Mixtape.

These releases will climax with Sarah’s debut EP Liquid Soul, which is set to drop later this year. That gives plenty of time for you to head along to catch Sarah perform, or book Sarah to perform at your event via Six8 before Sarah becomes a household name.

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