Weekly Featured Artist: Nyssa And Alex

Featuring primarily a guitar, a cello, and vocals, Nyssa And Alex are a beaming example of how less can be more. The brother/sister duo are rapidly making their names known around the local community, pricking up ears well beyond their hometown of Bowral. Today we are proud to declare Nyssa And Alex our Weekly Featured Artist.

Cutting their teeth on covers from the likes of Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes and John Legend, the duo have a firm grasp of the intricate of a delicate pop ballad, applying the knowledge to their own renditions, resulting in a performance that retains the integrity of it’s namesake, all the while free to strut around with Nyssa And Alex’s unique spin on things.

At times, the timber and steel will be swapped out for a violin, but the groups dynamic vocal arrangement remains consistent throughout their performances. Nyssa leads the charge with vibrant melodies, with Alex not too far behind, laying down a tapestry of harmonies in support.

The sonic alchemy has seen the pair perform live on our airwaves, take out regional busking competitions, amass a head-spinning million views on their YouTube channel, and drop a brand new CD, just this June, featuring 17 stirring covers and their own original cut, Carefree.

You can head along to one of their upcoming shows to capture them in a live experience, and also book them to perform at your event.

July 30 (AM)
Winterfest Bradman oval

July 30, August 6, August 13
Palate Pleasure, Bowral

August 6, October 22, December 10
Harvey’s Wine Bar, Bowral

Book Nyssa And Alex via Six8 here.