Six8 is committed to making live music happen where and whenever possible. We are also dedicated to keeping our musicians, staff and guests safe. To get our latest COVID-19 safety plan, email us now on

Live Music
Your Way!

Experience Gin JAMS

Create the party of your dreams. Or just another Saturday night at your place. Either way, is there a better way to party than with some stellar gin and a local musician playing tunes just for you?

Experience PICNICS


Take your friends and family on an enthralling adventure with these beautifully styled picnic and live music packages. Have your own ideas? We can help you create a unique experience that will help breathe magic into your next get-together.

Driveway JAMS

Brighten up your neighbourhood with live tunes from your driveway!


Share your love of live music across your apartment building!

Live music, YOUR WAY

Celebrate, restrictions are relaxing! Reconnect with friends and family by hosting your own gig! Maybe with a band in your backyard, or a soloist serenading your dinner party or just hanging out in a local park with a guitarist

Learn to PLAY

Love any of these instruments, or something else? Then with a few clicks you can start learning from one of our many talented musicians!

Artists, we have you COVID

We are here to help you expand your skills so you can continue sharing your music with audiences and generate income in new, exciting ways.

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